The Sniper III is the latest in BGA and Micro BGA Rework system design. With On-Board control and powerful computer profile generation, including data logging. The system also includes a Thermalcouple Bank to develop the rework profile and monitor the component, board and environment. A 17″ monitor reflects the image of the bottom of the chip and the footprint on the board, these images are then adjusted to exactly overlay each other and the component placed automatically. APE will be performing the installation and training on June 23, 2010.

About Pivot EDM
Electronic Design and Manufacturing (EDM) was founded in 1979 as a division of Nebraska Electronics Inc. to provide high quality electronics manufacturing in the Midwest. During our 30 years of business, EDM has grown to become a premiere national ISO 9001:2015 registered full service Custom and Contract Manufacturing Company, specializing in the manufacture of electronic assemblies and thru hole and surface mount circuit boards.

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