Mark Dohnalek

President & CEO of Pivot International

Mark Dohnalek

Mark Dohnalek leads Pivot International’s global core business and acquisitions in the US, UK and Asia utilizing his experience of over 30 years in manufacturing, product development and business management. His broad spectrum of experiences in manufacturing, engineering, biometric, security, industrial consumer, and medical product solutions have enabled him to grow the company and expand in European and Asian markets.

Since he acquired Pivot in 2012, he has leveraged his business experience and passion for innovation to develop, engineer and manufacture solutions for clients in various industries.

Pat Bystrek

General Manager of Electronics Design & Manufacturing

Pat Bystrek

Pat Bystrek, President of EDM is an original founder of the company, launched as a family business over 38 years ago. He was instrumental in growing the company regionally and nationally. In 2017, EDM was acquired by Pivot International, based in Lenexa, Kansas with subsidiaries in the US, Europe and Asia. Pat Bystrek states that “the acquisition will result in substantial growth for both companies due to the increased manufacturing footprint and added engineering capabilities of the combined firm.

Jay Hall

Production Manager

Jay Hall

Jay Hall is a production engineer with broad experience in developing and maintaining manufacturing processes, as well as machine program development. He serves as the liaison between sales, production and engineering groups during production runs, by helping to facilitate new product planning and development while assisting in product roll outs.

Jay is a member of the ISO Compliance board and was responsible for developing the ISO 9001:2000 procedures and documentation necessary for EDM to become ISO 9001:2000 registered. His specialties include Process Control, Process Improvement, SMT Machine Programming, Training, New Product Integration and Development, Product documentation, Selective Solder operations, Automated Optical Inspection Operations, Certified IPC hand solder trainer, product encapsulation, and project management.

Peter White

Sales Manager

Pete White

Peter White is Regional Sales Manager at Electronics Design & Manufacturing. He excels at new customer acquisition, always keeping the lines of communication open between customers and our technical staff. Pete has a broad knowledge of manufacturing techniques and is consistently able to match our core strengths with the unique needs of each customer.

Nick Ptacek

Quality Manager

Nick Ptacek

Nick Ptacek ensures that processes and information work effectively together to deliver consistent outputs.

Nick has over 20 years of experience organizing people, facilities, and information to ensure that customer, regulatory, and ISO requirements are met. Nick is a certified lead auditor and an expert in database integration and communication programming. Nick also serves as the ERP system coordinator and customizes Pivot-EDM’s systems to better serve customer needs.

Mark Melia

Supply Chain Manager

Mark Melia

Mark Melia has an extensive background in supply chain management, having held positions in distribution, purchasing and sales. Mark’s over 20 years of experience in supply chain management lets him work closely with suppliers and customers to ensure a smooth and efficient supply chain while helping maintain costs.


    • Build RoHS prototypes
    • Improve RoHS manufacturability
    • RoHS compliant equipment & facilities


    • Experienced design team
    • Scalable production services
    • Rapid time to market


    • Quality Management System
    • Increased production efficiency
    • Consistent product quality