EDM Awarded ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certification

EDM Awarded ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certification

Electronic Design and Manufacturing is pleased to announce that it was recently awarded an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certificate by Platinum Registration for the custom manufacturing of electronic assemblies and circuit boards as well as electronic design and development. This prestigious certification is the latest iteration of the world’s leading quality assurance standard, ISO 9001, and is granted for meeting or exceeding rigorous international standards in quality management.

In order to achieve certification, EDM was required to demonstrate through external audit our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements set forth in the referenced international standard. To clients, ISO 9001 certification speaks highly of a company as ambitious, reliable, and motivated with high quality products.

ISO 9001:2015 is a process-based certification recognizing organizations that can link business objectives with operating effectiveness. Companies that achieve management system certification to ISO 9001:2015 have demonstrated effective implementation of documentation and records management, top management’s commitment to their customers, establishment of clear policy, good planning and implementation, good resource management, efficient process control, measurement and analysis. Continual improvement has been institutionalized and is part of the business culture.

Pat Bystrek, President of Electronic Design and Manufacturing said “This certification is a reflection of the commitment our team here at EDM has to our customers. We are continuously reviewing our operations to streamline processes so that we can provide our customers top quality products. This focus on continual improvement has lead to higher customer satisfaction.”

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About Electronic Design and Manufacturing

Electronic Design & Manufacturing (EDM) was founded in 1979 as a division of Nebraska Electronics Inc. to provide high quality electronics manufacturing in the Midwest. Located in La Vista, Nebraska, EDM is an ISO9001:2008 registered company providing superior manufacturing and engineering services to their customers, with a focus on customer service to set EDM apart from the competition. Serving customers ranging from small startups to Fortune 500, EDM’s electronic manufacturing services gives our customers an edge in the ever changing demands of the global marketplace.

EDM Named 3M Supplier of the Year

Electronic Design and Manufacturing Wins 3M Supplier of the Year Award

Award recognizes suppliers who improve 3M’s competitiveness or drive sustainability

St. Paul, MN October 5, 2016, Electronic Design and Manufacturing (EDM), a custom electronics manufacturing company, was honored with the 2016 3M Supplier of the Year Award in recognition of the company’s contribution to improving 3M’s competitiveness and helping to drive sustainability.

EDM staff

This year, 3M recognized 11 suppliers among thousands in its global supply base for world class performance in providing products and/or services. These suppliers were identified and rated based on strategic spend, contract compliance, actions taken to improve 3M’s relevance and overall supplier performance (quality, delivery, responsiveness, cost, technology roadmaps). An awards ceremony and dinner were held on September 11th and 12th at 3M’s St. Paul campus.

3M Award

“Our suppliers are critical to our ability to execute our business strategies, benefit our customers and reach our 2025 Sustainability Goals,” said Jose Varela, 3M’s vice president of Sourcing Operations. “We are fortunate to work with great suppliers who are committed to maintaining a partnership with 3M and helping us service our global customers with the innovative and valuable solutions they expect. It’s important that we recognize our most outstanding suppliers, and that’s what this award is all about.”

“We are proud to be recognized for our efforts to provide 3M with a superior level of service and support.” said Patrick Bystrek, President and CEO of EDM. “We have had a long and beneficial relationship with 3M and are committed to finding new ways to help 3M bring innovative solutions to market.”

Innovative Traffic System to be Manufactured by EDM

Innovative Traffic System to be Manufactured by EDM

Omaha, NE: Electronic Design & Manufacturing (EDM) of La Vista, NE is proud to announce the signing of a partnership agreement with Rhythm Engineering of Lenexa, KS to manufacture the innovative In|Sync and In|Spire traffic control systems. A traffic engineering company with a newly developed adaptive traffic control system, Rhythm Engineering was seeking an experienced partner to manufacture the platforms, provide customer service and assist with future innovations. Electronic Design & Manufacturing has the proven manufacturing and engineering capabilities Rhythm required along with a commitment to manufacture the products in the United States to create a beneficial partnership for both companies.

Inspire and Insync

Rhythm’s flagship traffic control system, In|Sync, offers real time adaptive traffic control, integrating signal timing, traffic volumes, and computerized real-time tracking focusing on synchronizing traffic signals along major traffic corridors. Using this solution, municipalities can alleviate traffic congestion and more efficiently move traffic along a corridor, reducing commute times and commuter frustration, making better, safer traffic for all motorists. As traffic volume increases and city budgets for infrastructure maintenance and improvements continue to be squeezed, finding innovative solutions to move more traffic with the same resources is increasingly in demand. Additionally the real time adaptive technologies allow for traffic control systems to immediately adapt to the traffic demand, helping reduce accidents and reduce fuel consumption and emissions by up to 30 percent. Municipalities are actively seeking out better traffic solutions, and Rhythm’s adaptive smart technology solutions makes In|Sync a high demand product. Electronic Design & Manufacturing will begin production of the In|Sync platform in December 2015.

Inspire final product

Rhythm’s next solution for smart traffic controllers, In|Spire, offers a middle ground solution for municipalities looking to improve traffic flow but without the budget to completely replace their existing or future infrastructure with a fully implemented In|Sync system. In|Spire allows agencies to update existing legacy traffic controllers with a digital traffic controller that offers easier intersection setup and programming, and replaces legacy traffic control sequences with a more intelligent sequence. Updating the 30 year old legacy sequences on existing controllers with the algorithms found on the In|Spire traffic controller will reduce commuter wait times while improving traffic coordination along corridors. Electronic Design & Manufacturing is currently building the pilot run of the In|Spire platform for final customer testing in November. Full production is expected to begin in 3rd quarter of 2016.

In|Sync and In|Spire further helps traffic agencies save tax dollars and improve commuter experience by applying modern digital data acquisition techniques to the traffic flow. Both platforms feature data collection and analysis functions that enable municipalities to study traffic flow, reducing the needs for expensive outside consultants and traffic studies, allowing municipalities to do more with increasingly tighter budgets.

As demand for Rhythm’s products has increased, the need for a highly capable manufacturing partner that could help Rhythm achieve their goals became apparent. Electronic Design & Manufacturing approached Rhythm, offering extensive experience and capability manufacturing electronics and electro-mechanical assemblies along with the engineering expertise required to quickly get a product to market, and the partnership was born. EDM has provided custom electronics and electro-mechanical manufacturing to a number of Fortune 500 companies as well as local companies for over 35 years in various industries including agricultural, industrial, commercial lighting, automotive and aerospace. Drawing on the experience and capabilities required to build for these demanding fields made the partnership with Rhythm Engineering a natural fit.

According to Electronic Design & Manufacturing President and CEO Pat Bystrek, the opportunity is a great fit for both companies, “Partnering with an innovative growing company like Rhythm Engineering offered EDM a fantastic opportunity to grow along with our customers. We have always tried to find companies that we could form long term partnerships with and use those partnerships to grow EDM and our customers. Our partnership with Rhythm Engineering has the potential to add a number of manufacturing and engineering jobs to Omaha in the next year, while also providing EDM the means necessary to increase our manufacturing capabilities. Rhythm has tasked us with finding additional manufacturing partners in Omaha so our suppliers will be local, meaning this partnership could have a big impact for manufacturing in the Omaha area. Having a strong commitment to electronics and high tech manufacturing in Omaha is a benefit to this whole area, as it can make this region an attractive destination for high tech start ups and innovators. I think demonstrating EDM’s commitment to forming lasting partnerships with our customers and our community made EDM an ideal partner for Rhythm, as they are committed to growing their business via innovation and having a high quality product that is made in America.”

Inspire gallery

Dr. Reggie Chandra, CEO of Rhythm Engineering agreed with Mr. Bystrek, “Rhythm Engineering is proud to be an American company; sourcing and manufacturing all of our products and technology in the United States. With the increased demand for our solutions this year, we started searching for a true partner who shared our values for excellence, responsiveness and passion to make a difference in our community. We found what we were looking for in EDM. We are thrilled to work with them and look forward to a long and synergistic relationship.”

The partnership between Rhythm Engineering and Electronic Design & Manufacturing is expected to add 50 jobs at EDM and increase sales by 10-12 million dollars over the next 18 months.

About Electronic Design and Manufacturing:

Electronic Design & Manufacturing (EDM) was founded in 1979 as a division of Nebraska Electronics Inc. to provide high quality electronics manufacturing in the Midwest. Located in La Vista, Nebraska, EDM is an ISO9001:2008 registered company committed to providing superior manufacturing and engineering services to their customers, focusing on customer service to build beneficial long term relationships that set EDM apart from the competition. Serving customers ranging from small startups to Fortune 500, EDM’s 36 years of experience manufacturing electronics in the agricultural, automotive, defense, commercial lighting, wireless telecommunications, and aerospace industries allows EDM to help their customers meet the ever changing demands of the global marketplace.

About Rhythm Engineering

Rhythm Engineering empowers traffic engineers to save lives, save time, and save the environment through cost-effective, innovative traffic solutions. Its flagship product, In|Sync™, is a real-time adaptive traffic control system that enables traffic signals to immediately adapt to traffic demand, reducing accidents up to 30 percent, cutting travel times up to 50 percent and reducing fuel consumption and emissions 20-30 percent. In|Sync is chosen for installation at more than 1865 intersections in 128 cities in 31 states, creating better, safer traffic for American motorists.

Learn more at rhythmtraffic.com


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