EDM Adds New SMT Line

Electronic Design and Manufacturing is proud to announce the addition of an additional surface mount line featuring placement equipment from Samsung and DEK. The addition of the new SMT line brings additional manufacturing capacity and the ability to offer large / long board capabilities with PCB sizes up to 610mm x 400mm. This long board capability enables Electronic Design and Manufacturing to capitalize on our extensive experience with LED lighting and signage and offer the long board and LED placement options to our customers. Additionally full component lot tracking can now be offered with the addition of laser etched serialization and integrated bar code and feeder tracking.

Contact Electronic Design and Manufacturing today for additional information or let EDM help you get your projects manufactured and on the market sooner!


EDM Adds Clean Room Capability

Electronic Design and Manufacturing is proud to announce the addition of clean room capability. EDM recently acquired a Terra Universal hard wall modular clean room to offer further capabilities to our customers. Currently this clean room is configured to a Class 100,000 level, but should additional levels of cleanliness be required, it is easily upgraded. EDM added clean room capability to facilitate the assembly of oxygen breathing systems and LCD display overlays.

The clean room is environmentally controlled and monitored 24/7 to allow us to maintain complete control of all clean room processes.

If you are interested in more information, or have a need that EDM can assist you with, please contact us.

EDM Retains ISO 9001:2008 Registration

Electronic Design and Manufacturing of Omaha, Nebraska is proud to announce our the results of our latest ISO9001:2008 quality system audit. The auditors have found that EDM has met all requirements for continued registration as an ISO9001:2008 registered company. EDM’s focus on continual improvement and preventative actions were noted as especially strong areas of our quality system and reflects our focus on providing our customers a quality manufacturing partner.

EDM Issues Supplier Guidelines for PCB Vendors

Electronic Design and Manufacturing of Omaha, Nebraska has developed a new set of guidelines for our PCB suppliers to follow when supplying EDM with printed circuit board materials. Our supplier guidelines were developed using the recently released IPC-1601 2010 Printed Board Handling and Storage Guidelines, which details the industry standard best practices and guidelines to be used by PCB and PWA manufacturers in the handling and storage of PCB’s.

EDM PVA-650 Coating Machine in Operation

EDM has the PVA-650 Conformal Coating machine in operation and will soon be able to offer this service customers.

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